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  1. jakuro Apr 29, 2016

    o.o I have to move to New Mexico and leave my cat Freya (full name: Lady Freya Diamonds) with my mom. :( She is obsessed with water faucets and has a tiny chirpy meow. She's half dollface-persian half Burmilla.. that's called a Tiffany Burmilla. I am gonna miss her floofy tail and pink nose so much v.v

  2. LuluOokami Jul 08, 2014

    Well I hope to all that seem interested in this group now and in the past will rejoin and help to make this place grow.

  3. B-BRabbit Apr 27, 2012

    Buzz buzz is my chubby cat. Hes my baby -^^-

  4. ToshiroBurrito Jan 30, 2012

    Does this group have an adminstrater? o.o

  5. Lissy359 Aug 08, 2011

    I'm new on your petzilla-group!
    Pleasure to meet you!
    Hopefully this group will grow to a big Family ;)

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member Jan 16, 2010

    hey sim thanks for appearing, I was beginning to grow bored of talking to myself. nothing wrong with some stray mice and stray cats I got those myself. I live on a farm so I get more than just mice size around my house :/

  7. simply-5th-heirloom Jan 16, 2010


    let's see...

    stray cats...

    and mice...

    well, they do agree most of the time...


    aren't they weird like me?


  8. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 29, 2009

    sweet katie glad to see another dog owner my mom has two old dogs herself, one is 93, the other is 95 when we bought them as puppies I feel that before too long they won't live much longer cause this is like a long time for dogs to live sometimes, one is named taco, yes we got her the day the movie godzilla was released hehe and the other is chi-chi which is the one we bought in 95 she's also a mix of the taco bell dog just don't know how to spell that breed...a chiwawa or something hehe

    merged: 01-05-2010 ~ 11:18pm
    you guessed it I figured out css for groups >:) sorry small nearly inactive group hehe you get the layout for my profile for the time being as a test run, I figured since the group was about pets why not make it slightly chaotic and very very colorful ^_^ so enjoy the new layout and no this won't be forever it will change I promise hehe ^_^

    merged: 01-09-2010 ~ 09:55pm
    lol I finally figured out how to clean out a hamster's cage ^_^ I got an old vacuum cleaner and it's pretty much dead, the only good thing is the hose part. well I collected honey bear carefully and then I politely placed him in his storage container and went to town, had it all cleaned out in like a few mins and new stuff in rather quickly as well. it's so cool what this lil creative bunny's mind can think up at four in the morning hehe I tend to clean out honey bear about once a week

  9. katiemirmo Dec 29, 2009

    New Member ! :)

    I own a total of 4 Dogs

    Pets Name: Blossom
    Type of Dog: Cross-Bred Schnauzer and Japanese Spitz

    We always play together on the floow. She's so fluffy and she kind of looks like a fox.

    Pet Dog
    Pets Name: Sumo
    Type of Dog: Cross-Bred Schnauzer and Japanese Spitz

    He's big .. and he's white and brown :D

    Pet: Dog
    Pets Name: Todd
    Type of Dog: Japanese Spitz

    He's the foxy like! :) Named him Todd after a fox.

    Pet: Dog
    Pets Name: Kimmy
    Type of Dog: Schnauzer

    :D She's kind of old now.

  10. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 25, 2009

    as long as it doesn't get too extreme in the weird :P somethings were just never meant to be learned hehe ;)

  11. XAngelKnight1913 Dec 25, 2009

    lol ^^ Greatness for being weird.

  12. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 25, 2009

    yep there's been many a stray and weird animal that has crossed my path have yet to get bored of taking care of scorpion adventures came from when I lived in fl for a bit we found them in the house all the time...taken care of a snake once, didn't have a rodent problem then :P

    but I know what you mean I'm one weird chick myself ^_~

  13. XAngelKnight1913 Dec 24, 2009

    @Tenshi: Never knew you also take care of stray and weird animals. ^^; I never tried taking care of scorpions. Never found one wandering around. From all the pets I taken care of, I like to watch them eat. It is really interesting and I find it amusing from how each of them eat their food. ^^ Now tat I think about it, I'm a weird guy. ^^;

  14. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 18, 2009

    sammy no way don't stress it, if we don't acknowledge our past pets that I feel, in a way, as family then well that means we're ignoring the family as most memorable pet is a pet hamster I got, which was my first very own pet, we've had dogs but this was my pet, I bought it and everything, her name was hamtaro and she looked exactly like hamtaro no joke...

    knight (cause we got enough angels talking at the moment :P) but I know what you mean I've taken care of a lot of strays and weird animals that I've found over the years, like spiders and scorpions have been my favorite, I would raise them and then release them, or with common household spiders they would get too big and I would have to toss them outside, for a better word :P some didn't go willingly hehe

  15. XAngelKnight1913 Dec 18, 2009

    Let's see save some space, I'll say all my pets have no name. Some of these might not consider to be pets, but I did took care of it. And so my pet are...

    ---Praying Mantis
    >Raise it for almost a year. Release it because it doesn't belong in the house.
    ---2x Long leg spider
    >Raise it from when it little till it full grown adult (When they have long legs). Decided to let it go because my parents want to kill it.
    >Why raise these spiders? For fun of course.
    ---Stray Cat
    >Didn't raise it in the house (Parents didn't like to have pets like cats, dogs, etc).
    >Raise it for around 1 year and a 1/2
    >Later another family adopted the cat (Saw it). Never heard of it again.
    >Just took care of it for 1/2 a year and release it because I can't afford the necessary things to raise one.
    >5 died, got 11 left
    >9 live for 6 years and 2 lives for 4 years.
    ---?x Horseflies, ?x Moth, ?x Butterflies
    >For feeding praying mantis. It get picky with food if fed too many flies.
    ---(Many more, but forgotten)

  16. AngelSammy24ever Dec 17, 2009

    I used to have 5 cats in my life, but they all past away, 2 just recently fomr a house fire ;__;
    My 5 cats name were:
    Sammy 2

    Sammy and Sylvester died before i moved up here to Pennsylvania
    and KJ ran away when we moved up in PA
    Angel and Sammy 2 died in a house fire ;__;
    i'm sorry if i upset anyone cause of this.....if it does i'll remove this...
    right now i don't have any pets but i do wish to have more cats one day

  17. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 15, 2009

    I am interested in this group I own a new siberian dwarf hamster his name is honey bear

    merged: 12-15-2009 ~ 04:54am
    greetings one and all thanks to a bit of help from the site I have taken over this group *evil laugh* if there are any admins of the staff left please contact me asap I will be moving you around if I don't hear from you soon, since it's finals and if anyone is still alive possibly a couple weeks after xmas rush...but in the mean time please bare with me as I get this group back in working order

  18. ArtificialRaindrop Oct 11, 2009

    I keep forgetting, we've added a new bird to the family, her name is Da Jiao : ) She's a cutie.

  19. yothsothgoth Aug 04, 2009

    I'm still here. I've been gone for awhile...
    I've made some stuff recently. I'm new to drawing, but I decided to submit these to MiniTokyo anyways... ^^

  20. 48851 May 02, 2009

    Hello! I'll join! OK, I have a puppy named Misty. a rabbit named Sarah (chan), and a yellow cat named Toby!

  21. weird12u Feb 11, 2009

    hey =] my dog is names elizabeth but i allways call her liz-but or liz-baby. she is a fatty chocolate lab <3 and my kitty is named Maya. my mom named her. and i am trying to get a new black kitty and i don't know what to call her when i do!

  22. ArtificialRaindrop Dec 16, 2008

    Man, I haven't checked back here in so long! Is there anyone alive out there?

  23. LVman Aug 10, 2008

    I have a kitten and a cat thats as old as me.

    merged: 08-10-2008 ~ 11:53am
    My kitten's name is Bandit.We call him that because he looks like he has a mask on .My older cat is a tourtis shell tiger named Weeze.We call her that because ,until she had kittens we thought she was a boy.At that point in time her name was LaWeez

  24. KuramasExlover Jul 23, 2008

    Oh sweet, I have two lil pups named Misty & Mustache (aka M&M).

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